How to Improve Your Sex Drive and Sexual Stamina With Kratom

Kratom has been gaining in both reputation and popularity for its ability to enhance mood, reduce pain and boost the overall quality of life of users. It’s easy to understand with such a wide range of benefits, how to improve your sex drive with kratom. Keep reading to learn how to increase your overall sexual stamina. As always, read our disclaimer first.

Red Thai Kratom Powder

This Southeast Asian herb is bursting with alkaloids which can act as a sexual enhancer. Popular varieties like red thai powder are available through local vendors and trusted online retailers. Qualified retailers will be able to help you choose the right strain of kratom for your needs.

Since there are many strains of kratom, it can be quite confusing to choose which one will provide the required and desired effect. A large dose of kratom can be used for stimulation and fighting sleepiness and lower doses are generally used for calming or sedation.
Kratom and other stuff… Maximizing your sex drive while taking kratom

Many people consider kratom to be a powerful stimulant and analgesic in large doses. Among them, some users have reported that it can also be a sexually arousing supplement. It can be effective in prolonging and intensifying sexual intercourse, all within a few minutes of ingestion. Users also report that the effects are felt for several hours.

In fact, kratom has long been used as a home remedy and aphrodisiac in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand for over 150 years.

A recent study reports that one of the main reasons people consume kratom is for its well-known ability to induce feelings of happiness and euphoria, as well as to increase sexual performance and ability.

It must be noted that the contents of this article are for informational purposes only since kratom has not yet been properly tested in a clinical setting. Always consult with your physician before trying any product described as a mood enhancement supplement.

Sexual Stamina Enhancement

As previously stated, one of the more interesting and lesser-known effects of using kratom is its reported ability to increase sex drive and sexual enhancement. A recent study of its sedative and analgesic effects has also caused a recent increase in popularity. This is because it has been reported to produce low sensitivity in sexual organs during tactile stimulation. As a result, this herbal supplement is believed, and thus far proven, to work wonders for males looking to treat premature ejaculation.

Many proponents insist that it is effective for the improvement of overall sexual performance and increases duration during intercourse. They say that it can also act as a muscle relaxant and minor vasodilator, which results in improved blood flow and better erections.

If proper dosing recommendations are followed, kratom has been reported to create a natural numbing effect. This will allow for an increase in sexual stamina without decreasing pleasure. Therefore, this natural alternative is so popular with men worldwide.

Improved Sleep Quality

A secondary reported benefit of using kratom is that it may create an improvement in user’s sleep quality. When users experience quality sleep, their sexual performance improves, too. Not only does it become easier but it becomes more pleasurable as well. Restful sleep is linked to a decrease in erectile dysfunction and increased sexual function. Using the proper amount of kratom will allow for deep and restful sleep for peak performance.

Proper Dosing for Stamina

In order to feel the desired effects for stamina, it is important to follow proper dosing procedures. People have reported that high doses of kratom may produce the opposite of the intended effect and harm sexual performance. If the dose is too high, users have said that it can also decrease desire and sexual drive.

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To induce sex drive and increase libido, it is best to take smaller doses. Studies have shown that a smaller dose will result in a better, more relaxed mood which enables the user to be more adventuresome and increase overall sexual desire.

Kratom may also aid in nerve stimulation. This creates a heightened sense of touch which allows the user to last longer. In essence, the user has more control when they are close to orgasm, without achieving it until so desired.

Not only do people report that kratom enhances sexual mood and performance, but they also say that it will help prevent premature ejaculation. Using the proper dosage of a decent strain will help men last longer than with fast and effective results. All of these benefits are available without the unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical grade drugs.

How to Battle Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is one of the greatest obstacles standing in the way of a healthy sex life. When you are feeling anxious, it is difficult to perform at maximum potential. Kratom is shown to act as a mood enhancement supplement and relieve anxiety among many users.

The proper dosage of kratom allows users to learn how to battle anxiety and perform better in even the most intense situations.

Men are not the only people who can experience positive effects from kratom. Women can also benefit greatly from the mood enhancement properties provided by this herb.

Best Strains for Those Who Want to Learn How to Improve Sex Drive and Libido

Kratom users have reported that certain strains can produce sedation and relaxation, while others promote vitality and stimulation. For use as an enhancer and sexual stimulant, users typically recommend high alkaloid strains. The effects felt from this particular strain lead to increased sexual function and reduction of performance-related anxiety.

High alkaloid strains contain much smaller amounts of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which users reported as leading to sexual dysfunction if taken in high doses. People say that you should avoid the low alkaloid strains if you want to increase your libido function.

Others report that an effective dose would be somewhere around 1 gram of the chosen strain. According to them, one gram of kratom can effectively increase libido function without causing over stimulation. Remember, more is not necessarily better in all situations. If doses are too high, the desensitizing effects might outweigh the pleasurable effects. It may take some trial and error to find out which strain and at what dose is the right amount. It is usually better to start out small and go from there.

The Bottom Line on How You Can Improve Your Sex Drive With Kratom

For men who want to know how to improve sex drive naturally, the answer is becoming much clearer. People have reported that kratom use can calm the nervous system and increase sexual performance. In certain small doses, it might increase libido and could possibly allow for a longer and more sensual experience. Women also report experiencing a certain level of satisfaction while using kratom during intercourse. Be sure to always consult with your healthcare professional before adding any kratom products to your regimen.