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How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then. However, there’s a difference between having anxiety before a big job interview …

Does Green Bali Kratom Really Work for Stress Relief?

Are you always feeling stressed out from work or from life in general? Stress has a wide number of negative …

How to Use Yellow Borneo Kratom for PTSD Relief

PTSD is a condition that affects many veterans, although you don’t have to have been in the military to experience …


How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then. However, there’s a difference between having anxiety before a big job interview …

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How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then. However, there’s a difference between having anxiety before a big job interview …

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How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then. However, there’s a difference between having anxiety before a big job interview …

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How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then. However, there’s a difference between having anxiety before a big job interview …

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How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then. However, there’s a difference between having anxiety before a big job interview …

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How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then. However, there’s a difference between having anxiety before a big job interview …

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How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and then. However, there’s a difference between having anxiety before a big job interview and having chronic anxiety. People who suffer from chronic anxiety feel anxious more often than not. They often turn to medication to treat their anxiety, but this medication comes with a number of side effects. Fortunately, there are a number of natural ways of treating anxiety. Among these, many people have reported positive effects from Red Thai Kratom.

Keep in mind that this is not medical advice and Red Thai Kratom is not approved by the FDA as a treatment for any illness or condition. We are just reporting on what people say about this herbal supplement. You should consult with your doctor before considering kratom or any other supplement.

What is Red Thai Kratom?

Red Thai Kratom is a type of Kratom that comes from the mature leaves of the Mitrogyna speciose tree. These leaves have red veins running through them, which is what gives the Red Thai Kratom its name. Red Thai Kratom is a completely natural herbal medicine that can be used to treat a number of issues. Most people make use of Red Thai Kratom powder made from the ground up leaves, but originally, people actually chewed the leaves. Another way these leaves were traditionally used was as the basis for a tea.

Red thai kratom leaves.
What is Red Thai Kratom? (Image Source: Wikimedia)

Red Thai Kratom is reported as one natural solution to managing anxiety. It is high in alkaloids that are said to help to relax users. In fact, while most of the various Kratom strains are reported to help with relaxation. Red Thai Kratom is particularly known for its relaxing properties. It can also work as a mood booster, people say, though it’s not as good as other strains. It’s reported as not being a good stimulant, compared to other strains of kratom, so it can’t really be used as a replacement for caffeine.

Even though it’s called Red Vein Kratom from Thailand, it doesn’t actually come from Thailand. While the mitrogyna speciose tree does grow in the country, it’s actually illegal to harvest the leaves. This means that most Red Thai Kratom is actually grown and harvested in Indonesia.

The Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

Feeling anxious every now and then is perfectly normal. Everyone feels anxious before speaking in public, performing, and other events. Feeling anxious more often than now, however, is a sign of an anxiety disorder. People who have anxiety disorders feel extreme anxiety and fear, often for no reason at all. Many also experience panic attacks. Learning how to manage anxiety for these individuals can be a lifelong struggle.

6 Signs You May Have Anxiety and Not Even Know It – Psych2Go

There are a number of different anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and separation anxiety. However, they all have similar symptoms. These include feeling restless, having a sense of panic, increased heart rate, sweating, trembling, rapid breathing, and having difficulty sleeping. Treating these disorders isn’t always easy, either. Psychotherapy can help, but many people turn to medications for a quick fix. Unfortunately, these medications do have side effects. For some, the side effects are just as bad as their anxiety.

This is why people look for natural alternatives such as Red Thai kratom powder. The idea of becoming reliant on any type of artificially created drug, especially one that has a risk of addiction, only makes some people even more anxious. Using a natural remedy may provide a safer alternative, especially if you’re not taking any other medication that could interact with Kratom.

How to Manage Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom

If you have anxiety, learning how to stay calm during a panic attack is important. If you have Red Thai Kratom on hand, you can simply mix some of the powder into a drink when you feel your anxiety getting out of control. A few sips and you’ll begin to calm down. But how does Red Thai kratom actually work?

People say that Red Thai Kratom affects the body in a way similar to opioids. However, unlike these highly addictive and dangerous drugs, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience such dangerous side effects. You will, though, feel like you’ve had a small dose of morphine or codeine. Red Thai Kratom, when taken in recommended doses, isn’t enough to impair your judgment. You should still be able to function normally. If you’re not, you’re taking too much of the herb. Ideally, you’ll want to take no more than five grams of Red Thai Kratom, especially when starting out.

Having a Regular Sleep Cycle is Important (Image Source: Pexels)

Many people take Red Thai Kratom before they go to bed at night. It’s especially helpful if you have insomnia due to anxiety. It will help you establish a regular sleep cycle and make it easier to feel awake and alert in the morning. That means you may be able to wean yourself off a caffeine dependence as well. Often, caffeine makes anxiety worse, so being able to sleep well and not need coffee in the morning is very helpful.

Managing Anxiety with Red Thai Kratom Is Easy

Using Red Thai Kratom to manage your anxiety is very easy. You’ll want to start out taking just a few grams of the herb until you determine the right dose for you. Then you simply mix that powder into a drink or into food. You can also purchase Red Thai Kratom capsules or tablets. You may want to stick to powder, though, simply because it isn’t as processed as tablets are. Powder is more potent, although the most potent option would be to chew Red Thai leaves. However, since that’s not really an option unless you live in an area where the trees live, powder is your best bet.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Most people experience very few side effects, but it is possible. Usually, these side effects are very mild. They include dry mouth, nausea, drowsiness, and headache. If you experience these side effects, reduce the amount of Red Thai Kratom you take next time. If you continue experiencing these side effects, stop using the supplement and talk to your doctor.

Control Your Anxiety—Don’t Let it Control You

You may feel as if taking medication for your anxiety is the only solution, but it’s not. Red Thai Kratom may be exactly what you need to get your anxiety under control. This all-natural, safe remedy can help you sleep better, focus more on your work, and feel less anxious. Give it a try—you may be surprised at the results.

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Does Green Bali Kratom Really Work for Stress Relief?

Are you always feeling stressed out from work or from life in general? Stress has a wide number of negative health effects. There are a number of different ways people claim can help you manage stress, but you may not be able to really take advantage of them all. For example, if you work and have a family, it can be hard to find time to take a yoga class or to even hit the gym. Meditation isn’t for everyone, and booking a spa day can get pricey. Fortunately, there are natural ways to deal with stress that don’t take a lot of time or money. Green Bali Kratom users report that it can help with stress and anxiety, without the major negative side-effects of anti-anxiety prescription drugs. But how well does it work?

Keep in mind that this is not medical advice. Kratom powder is not approved by the FDA and it is not intended to treat or cure any illness. We are only reporting on what kratom advocates say. So, be sure to contact your doctor before you consider any supplements, drugs, or treatments.

How Does Stress Affect the Body?

Many people see stress as a mental problem, but it has some very real physical symptoms. It can affect the heart, nervous system, endocrine system, muscles, and even your breathing. While the body can handle small amounts of stress, chronic stress or several days of near-continuous stress can be very dangerous. Stress makes the muscles become much more tense. Then tension usually only lasts until you no longer feel stressed. With chronic stress, though, your muscles may be tense for hours or days. This can lead to headaches and migraines. You may also experience back pain and pain in your shoulders and neck.

How Stress Affects Your Body – TED-Ed

Stress can also make it hard to breathe. You could experience panic attacks and hyperventilation. Stress can even cause people to develop asthma. Stress can also cause your heart rate to increase and make the body release stress hormones. If you’re under constant stress, this can eventually lead to hypertension, stroke, and heave heart attack. There are many other areas of the body that stress can affect, including the esophagus, the stomach, the bowels, and the nervous system.

Learning how to manage stress not only will make it easier to get through your day, it will also help you remain in good physical health. Using Green Bali kratom powder is one way of dealing with stress and reducing its physical effects on your body.

Mental and Emotional Effects of Stress

In addition to physical effects, stress can also affect you mentally and emotionally. You may find that you’re more irritable and get angry more often. You might also feel overwhelmed, depressed, and even lonely. Stress can make you constantly worry about things. It can affect your judgement, leading you to make poor decisions. You may also experience some memory trouble and find it very hard to concentrate.

A stressed looking woman. Kratom users report that the green bali kratom helps them get stress relief.
What Are the Mental and Emotional Effects of Stress? (Image Source: Pixabay)

These mental and emotional symptoms may not always be present. You may not even realize that your stress has affected your judgment until someone points it out. Just like not everyone has the same physical symptoms, don’t assume you’re dealing with your stress in a healthy way just because you’re not always worried or feeling irritable

Causes of Stress

Stress can be caused by many different things. Major changes in your life can be a major source of stress, although usually it’s short-term. Work, family, financial difficulties, and relationship problems can also lead to stress. It’s also possible to have chronic stress due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. For that type of stress, you will likely need to see a doctor.

Types and Causes of Stress – Dr. John Kenworthy

However, for other types of stress that are caused by external forces, you can do something about it. You can look at ways to relieve stress and relax. There are some unhealthy ways of doing this. Some people turn to alcohol or drugs to help them forget their stress for a while. Obviously, that’s not the best option. Fortunately, there are much healthier ways to handle stress.

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

As mentioned earlier, there are some things you can do to relieve stress naturally. Many of these things, though, do take time. Dealing directly with the causes of stress in your life is likely going to be necessary, but sometimes, you can’t really remove those causes. This means you need to find a way to manage stress that you can also fit into your schedule. Using exercise to reduce stress won’t really help if you later stress out about the lack of time you now have to handle another project.

A calm looking woman enjoying her cup of tea.
There are Natural Ways to Relieve Stress (Image Source: Pexels)

That’s where Green Vein Bali Kratom comes into play. You don’t have to set aside much time at all for stress relief. Instead, you simply add some of the powdered mix to your shake or even to your meal. Depending on how much you use, you can feel everything from relaxed to stimulated. This means you can use Green Bali Kratom powder as both a coffee replacement and as a way of unwinding after work without worrying about being up all night long.

How to Manage Stress with Green Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom is available in a number of different varieties. The Green Bali Kratom comes from the green-veined leaves from trees that grow in Bali. Unlike some kratom, Green Bali Kratom doesn’t actually dome from the Mitragyna Speciosa trees. That’s because those trees don’t grow in Bali. However, Bali is a major port for kratom shipping, which is why this particular type of kratom is named after the city.

When used, Green Bali Kratom affects the body in a way similar to codeine, morphine, or other opioids. However, it’s nowhere near as addicting, nor does it have the same horrible side effects as opioids. This helps you feel relaxed and can even help relieve some physical pain as well as stress. However, unlike Red Kratom, which also helps with relaxation, Green Bali Kratom won’t make you feel sleepy. Instead, most people feel a small boost of energy when using it. That’s why a lot of people take it in the morning. It works as a coffee substitute. However, if you take a small amount of it, you can use it at night to relax.

Give Green Bali Kratom Powder a Try 

If you’re looking for ways to relieve stress that are healthy and have a few downsides, why not try Green Bali Kratom powder? It’s a quick and easy way to reduce stress, get a little boost of energy, and prepare yourself for the day.

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How to Use Yellow Borneo Kratom for PTSD Relief

PTSD is a condition that affects many veterans, although you don’t have to have been in the military to experience post-traumatic stress disorder. Many people who have been the victims of crime or in an abusive relationship also have PTSD. There are several different ways to treat it, including medications and therapy. While you may have no problem seeking therapy, you may be hesitant to take medication. Some of these drugs have negative side effects that you should avoid. Fortunately, taking Yellow Borneo Kratom is a natural alternative to medication. Many who suffer from PTSD have found this supplement to help them deal with the stress.

Just keep in mind that kratom is not approved by the FDA. We make no claims that it can be used to treat or cure any illness. We are only reporting on what its users say, along with any scientific studies that are linked in this article. Be sure to consult with your physician before considering any supplement or treatment.

What Is Yellow Borneo Kratom?

Yellow Borneo Kratom, unlike white, red, and green kratom, doesn’t get its name from the veins in the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. There are no yellow-veined kratom leaves. Instead, Yellow Kratom’s name comes from the unique curing process that turns the powder a golden color. The leaves used are actually red-veined and only take on its yellow color after the curing process. When used, this type of kratom is something of a mix between red and green kratom.

Yellow Borneo Kratom is sometimes called Golden Borneo or Gold Bali Kratom. While it’s not necessarily as well-known as the other varieties of kratom, Yellow Borneo Kratom is ideal for treating PTSD because it can help with mood enhancement, anxiety, and stress.

What Is PTSD?

PTSD is caused by a stressful or terrifying event. It’s often associated with soldiers who have been in war, but people who were assaulted or were in a horrible accident can suffer from PTSD, too. Usually, those who have gone through a traumatic event suffer from short-term stress and anxiety. Over time and with the help of loved ones or a therapist, they process the event and are able to return to their normal lives without any long-term effects. For example, someone who was in a bad car wreck may get very stressed out just from sitting behind the wheel of a car, but over time, they find that they’re able to return to driving.

What is PTSD, Exactly? – Life Noggin

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to deal with their anxiety. These people develop PTSD, a recognized medical condition that can severely impact a person’s life. Because of this, it’s vital that anyone who suffers from PTSD look into ways of managing it and handling the symptoms. Some people report that using Yellow Borneo Kratom is one such way to cope.

Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD can have a number of different symptoms. While Yellow Borneo Kratom may not be able to help you with all of them, it can certainly assist with some. Everyone experiences PTSD a little differently, so you may actually find that using Yellow Borneo Kratom makes a major difference. Here are some common symptoms of PTSD you may experience:

An anxious and stressed looking man, possibly because of PTSD. Some people say that yellow borneo kratom helps with PTSD relief.
PTSD Can Have a Number of Different Symptoms (Image Source: Pixabay)
  • Recurring flashbacks or memories of the event.
  • Nightmares and other upsetting dreams.
  • Physical or emotional reactions to anything that reminds you of the event.
  • Avoiding anything related to the event, including places and people.
  • Feeling hopeless or always having negative thoughts.
  • Having difficulty remembering the event.
  • Losing interest in hobbies and other activities.
  • Feeling numb.
  • Insomnia.
  • Feeling fatigue.
  • Always feeling on edge.

Shortly after the event, you may feel some of these symptoms very strongly. However, as time goes on, some may fade. That’s not always the case, though, and you may find that all of your PTSD symptoms come flooding back if you have a triggering moment.

How Can Yellow Borneo Kratom Help with PTSD?

Yellow Borneo Kratom may help with PTSD in a number of ways.

Dealing with Fatigue Symptoms

Veterans who try kratom have noted that it does help with their fatigue symptoms. While Yellow Borneo Kratom isn’t as powerful of a stimulant as some of the other strains, it does have a moderate energizing effect on people. It may not be a coffee substitute, but you will feel a small burst of energy when you use it. This energy is enough to give you motivation to get up and go do something. Since many people with PTSD have a lack of energy and motivation, it may be exactly what you need.

Yellow Borneo Kratom for Mood Enhancement

Another symptom of PTSD that Yellow Borneo Kratom can help you deal with is your mood. People who suffer from PTSD may feel irritable, stressed out, and anxious all the time. Yellow Borneo Kratom helps people relax. It can make the edge of your anxiety vanish for several hours. This, in turn, can make you feel less irritable and upset. It will help you think more clearly, too, which can help you work through whatever incident triggered your PTSD.

A happy looking woman, she looks like she's having a good mood.
Yellow Borneo Kratom May Be Able to Help With Mood Enhancement (Image Source: Pexels)

Pain Relief

If you feel actual physical pain while recovering from the event that caused your PTSD, adding Yellow Borneo powder to your shakes or food can help. It’s not a major pain reliever, but it can help dull the edge. Think of it as a replacement for your over-the-counter pain relief medication. Pain relief isn’t the main reason people use Yellow Borneo Kratom, but it can certainly be a nice additional effect.

How Much Yellow Borneo Kratom Should You Take?

If you’re looking for how to treat fatigue with Yellow Borneo powder, you need to make sure you’re taking the right dosage. Since this strain isn’t as potent as some other strains of kratom, you may need to take a little more. If you’ve never used kratom before, you should start with one to two grams. As you learn how your body handles it, you can take up to about five grams. You shouldn’t take any more than that at a time, though. Taking more can have some side effects, although most are fairly mild.

Red veined kratom leaves in white background.
How Much Yellow Borneo Kratom Should You Take? (Image Source: Wikimedia)

If you’re experiencing PTSD, you may be very frustrated with the symptoms you experience. While using Yellow Borneo Kratom won’t make you forget the event, it can help you control the symptoms. Give it a shot and see how our Yellow Borneo Kratom powder can help you.

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White Hulu Kratom: Improved Cognitive Performance

Does your typical day at the office include several cups of coffee? If so, you may have come to rely on caffeine to improve your cognitive functions. Unfortunately, while caffeine does help you become more alert, it also has a number of psychological side effects such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. Because of these side effects, a number of people need to refrain from drinking too much coffee. Furthermore, there are other stimulants that people consume, which can be even more unhealthy. If you’re one of these people, what can you do to get that cognitive boost while avoiding all of the negative effects? One approach that people have recommended is to consume White Hulu powder. They say it can be used as a coffee substitute that will help you feel alert, focused, and ready to start the day, all without affecting your heart rate.

A woman looking intelligent while reading outdoors. Reading can improve cognitive function, it is also reported that the white hulu kratom can help with that too.
How Do You Improve Your Cognitive Performance? (Image Source: Pixabay)

If you’ve never heard of White Hulu Kratom before, you’re not alone. Many people aren’t familiar with this supplement, but there are a number of reasons why you may want to add it to your diet. If you’re interested in how White Hulu Kratom can help you, this guide will answer many of your questions. Just keep in mind, it is not approved by the FDA. You will need to consult with your doctor before consuming this or any other supplement. This article is for informational purposes only and we are not making any medical claims. We are only reporting on what other people have said about White Hulu kratom powder.

What Is White Hulu Kratom?

White Hulu is made from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree that is mainly found in Indonesia, specifically on the Borneo Island. It’s a string of kratom that is named after the Hulu forests, dense areas where a large amount of these trees grow. The White Hulu kratom, which was so named because of its white leaves, grows mainly along the Kapuas river. Because of this, it’s also sometimes called White Hulu Kapuas. White Hulu kratom isn’t easy to find—the river winds its way deep in the forest along the Malaysia/Indonesia border, so it’s not an area that people have a lot of access to. Also, only the mature leaves can be used to create White Hulu kratom, and it takes a good amount of time for the trees to mature to this point.

White Hulu Kratom is produced in soil that‘s rich in alkaloids. It has a balance of 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. This makes it similar to a mixture of Green and Red Hulu Kratom. The farmers are careful to only use mature leaves to create White Hulu Kratom from in order to maximize its alkaloid content. These leaves are then left indoors to dry in order to improve their potency before they are cleaned and made into White Hulu powder.

How Is White Hulu Kapuas Different from Red or Green?

White Hulu Kratom differs from Red and Green Kratom in a few different ways. Red Hulu Kratom has stronger analgesic properties. Green Hulu Kratom has no stimulating properties, so it can’t be used as a caffeine replacement. It also isn’t a sedative. Which one is right for you? It comes down to your needs. White Hulu Kratom is typically the best for stress and energy.

Kratom Leaves
White Hulu Kratom Differs from Red and Green (Image Source: Wikimedia)

How Does White Hulu Affect Your Cognitive Function?

White Hulu can do a number of different things for you. One reason many people use it is how it affects the brain’s cognitive functions. It is said to acts in a very similar way to the caffeine in coffee, helping you focus your mind and think better. You can add White Hulu Kratom powder to your breakfast shake or even a meal such as pancakes. It’s not like making coffee—you don’t have any extra food or drink to prepare. Just add a bit of the powder to the meal you’re already making.

You don’t even need to use a large amount of powder, either. People say that lower doses of White Hulu Kratom act just like coffee and energize the body and mind. Unlike coffee, kratom doesn’t come with a caffeine crash, either. You won’t need to continue taking it to keep focused. You’ll be alert and able to concentrate for hours without hitting that sudden drop in energy.

The Benefits of a Focused, Sharp Mind

Many people wonder how to stay focused during the workday without relying on coffee. Having a focused mind makes it much easier to complete tasks. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can make it very difficult to keep focused on work. Some people also have body rhythms that make them feel more focused and awake later in the day. Drinking coffee or other forms of caffeine is often the only way they’re able to get focused. However, the side effects of too much caffeine can be very unhealthy.

Power of Focus: Benefits of Being Focused – Doc Dan Videos

Once you’ve used White Hulu kratom to focus, you’ll start to notice many different benefits. You’ll be able to think through tasks without getting distracted. You may also be able to complete some tasks more quickly. You’re more likely to fall into “the zone,” that mental state where you’re fully focused on work. Without the risk of a caffeine crash, you’ll be able to keep this focus up during the rest of the day. You can even include another dose of White Hulu Kapuas at lunch if you fear hitting that post-meal slump.

Other Benefits of White Hulu Kratom

White Hulu Kratom has a number of other benefits in addition to giving you a focused, sharp mind. One study suggests that it may actually be used as a morphine replacement due to its lack of certain side effects. Specifically, morphine’s side effect of constipation can be dangerous when used to help cancer patients control their pain. In this study, researchers found that using Kratom was a much better alternative. It treated the pain in a very similar manner, but didn’t cause as severe constipation.

If you’re feeling stressed out or anxious, White Hulu Kratom may help you calm down, according to people who advocate for it. Users say that you’ll feel calm, your stress will melt away, and you may even feel relief from mild pain. It’s a great way of relaxing without making use of any medication. Simply add a dose to a drink or a meal to help you relax. White Hulu Kratom helps you relax your mind and your body, leaving you pain-free without any of the side effects of medication.

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How to Use Kratom

Kratom is derived from a tree known as Mitragyna speciosa (aka kratom tree). It is a natural herbal supplement that acts similarly to an opioid in its effects on the brain. The main active compounds in kratom are the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These bind to the same brain receptors that opioids do when users take kratom products in higher doses. In lower doses, however, kratom produces stimulating effects.

KRATOM | Overview + SafetyGuide – PsychedSubstance

Aside from these general effects, users report that kratom is effective to relieve the symptoms of numerous ailments and conditions. Depending on the form, strain and dosage of kratom taken, effects will vary.

 Kratom uses may include:

  • Relief of acute or chronic pain
  • Increased energy and alertness
  • Anxiety relief (i.e. from racing thoughts and panic attacks)
  • Elevated mood (i.e. for depressive users)
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Better sleep and shorter sleep latency
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Cough suppression
  • Relief from diarrhea
  • Relief from opioid/opiate, cocaine and alcohol withdrawal

For users who are at a healthy starting point, kratom is a safe and effective natural supplement that can enhance life experiences. For example, it can calm you in high pressure situations, provide social confidence and induce energy and motivation at the gym.Now that you have an understanding of how kratom affects your body, let’s take a look at how to use kratom.

Factors Affecting Use and Effects

The kratom tree is native to Southeast Asia, where inhabitants have traditionally chewed the leaves for energy or euphoria for hundreds of years. However, today’s user typically begins with finely ground leaves known as kratom powder. This powder can be ingested in multiple forms and comes in various categories. Before you can fully understand how to use kratom effectively for your individual needs, it’s necessary to know which types produce which effects.

Green Veined Kratom plant.
The Kratom Tree is Native to Southeast Asia (Image Source: Wikimedia)

Types of Kratom

Different names for these types of kratom consist of the country of origin and the color of the leaf veins before processing. These characteristics generally indicate which effects the kratom will produce.

For instance, Thai kratom tends to produce energetic effects, while Bali kratom offers more relaxing effects. For a moderate combination of both, Indonesian kratom and Malaysian kratom are most ideal. Kratom colors (veins) include red vein, green vein, white vein or yellow vein. Like the original location of the kratom, different veins of kratom provide varying effects.

Finally, combining veins and strains into Red Borneo for example, will determine the kratom’s speed. This designation refers to whether it provides energy and productivity, relaxation or somewhere in between. Kratom types are categorized as fast, slow and moderate respectively.

Ways to Take Kratom

Different formulations (forms) of kratom offer different methods of consumption and will vary in potency and proper dosage for the desired effects. Crushed leaf kratom or kratom powder is generally where new users start, since it is easy to measure out low doses with these forms. This allows for experimentation to gauge the kratom’s effects without jumping right into more potent forms.

Here are some popular methods for how to use kratom:

Brew a Tea

This is a popular method of ingesting kratom powder or crushed leaf kratom. Just boil the kratom in water for about 30 minutes, let it steep and pour the solution through a strainer before drinking. Many users report that this method produces more consistent and better results. However, this is a time-consuming task that many users shy away from. You can choose to drink the tea hot or iced.

Clear glass teapot set.
Brew a Tea (Image Source: Pexels)

Toss n Wash

This is one of the simplest and quickest ways to get kratom into your system. You can customize this method to your liking. One way is to spoon the desired dosage into the back of your mouth and wash it down with water. You can also mix the powder into a small amount of any beverage and gulp it down like a shot. Some users can’t choke down kratom this way without becoming nauseous due to the bitter taste. The same goes for drinking kratom tea.

My Toss and Wash Method – Hippie at Heart

Capsule Form

This is a preferred method of users who are put off by kratom’s taste. You can buy kratom in capsule form or buy empty capsules and fill them yourself. One disadvantage of this form of consumption is that it can take quite a few capsules (10 or more) to get an adequate dose.

Kratom capsules on white surface.
If You Don’t Like The Taste, Try Capsule Form (Image Source: Pixabay)

Add to a Protein Shake

This is a way to avoid kratom’s taste to a degree. However, it doesn’t completely eliminate it. If you don’t mind consuming your kratom with calories, this is one way to go. Some users even report that they get better results with this method, but there is no scientific evidence confirming this.

Protein shake in a shaker bottle.
Add to a Protein Shake (Image Source: WallpaperFlare)

Add to Yogurt

Unless you want to add bitter to bitter, go with a fruity yogurt to mask kratom’s taste. Again, you’ll be consuming calories along with your kratom with this method. In addition, you’ll get quicker results if you take kratom on an empty stomach. This method is great, however, if you regularly have a daily serving of yogurt. You can simply stir the kratom in and go about your normal routine.

Three small strawberry yogurt containers.
Try Mixing it With Strawberry Yogurt (Image Source: Pixabay)

Other forms of kratom include liquid kratom, such as a tincture or liquid alkaloid suspension. These are excellent forms to take on the go, as they are more easily tucked into your bag or purse than kratom powder.


You may have seen kratom shots in convenience stores and head shops. These are typically in tiny plastic bottles that look like 5-Hour Energy shots. You should steer clear of these because there is no way of knowing what else the mixture contains other than kratom.

However, DIY kratom shots are easy and fun to make. Simply mix 1-2 ounces of a favorite beverage with 1 ounce of honey or maple syrup. Next, microwave for 30 to 45 seconds and then stir in 2 to 5 ounces of your favorite kratom powder. Drink hot or slightly cooled.

Viva zen kratom shots.
You Can Also Try Kratom Shots (Image Source: LegalHerbalShop)

A Tasty Mocktail

To actually sip and enjoy your kratom, add 5 grams of powdered kratom to a glass of water. Then, add honey and/or sugar and squeeze in your favorite fresh citrus juice. A combination of lime, orange and grapefruit juices is an excellent combo. Pour over ice and enjoy.

And, That’s How to Use Kratom!

As noted above, users can adjust the dosage with any form, type or concoction of kratom to personalize your results. Kratom is a safe and effective way to relieve unwanted symptoms or to simply enhance your quality of life. The key to the best and safest results, however, is to find a reputable online vendor who specializes in kratom products.

Where Can I Buy Kratom?

Have you decided to try kratom but don’t know where to buy it? If so, you’re not alone. Kratom is more available to consumers than ever before. However, this means there are countless vendors popping up both online and instore. This can make it difficult to know which one to choose.

Green Kratom Leaf. Where can I buy kratom?
Have You Decided to Try Kratom? (Image Source: Wikimedia)

Aptly known as “pop-up” vendors, these companies aren’t typically as mindful of the quality of their products as well-established companies. This is because many are merely jumping on the kratom bandwagon, rather than ensuring they supply consumers with safe, top-quality products.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Kratom Vendor?

There are important things you want in your kratom vendor and other things you don’t. So if you’re pondering the question, “Where can I buy kratom?”, you also need to ask yourself some additional questions.

Where To Buy Good Kratom? With Bob Linde – MagicalButter

How Long Have They Been In Business?

Kratom began appearing on the internet in the early 2000’s. Therefore, it only makes sense to shoot for finding one that’s been around for 15 years or so. If they’ve made it this far, you can be quite certain that they are well aware of industry standards and will offer safe kratom products. In addition, they are more likely to be knowledgeable about the different strains of kratom and their effects.

Do They Offer a Wide Variety of Strains?

Because every kratom user’s needs are unique, it’s important that you have plenty of options when it comes to relieving your symptoms. Some strains lean on the sedating side, while others are more stimulating. There are also strains that uniquely offer both. For instance, Green Maeng Da kratom is known for providing pain relief, but also an energy boost. In addition, there are even strains for those who want to know how to lose weight quickly.

Are Their Products Lab-Tested?

You always want to buy lab-tested kratom to ensure purity, safety and effectiveness. It is each vendor’s due diligence to ensure that your kratom is free of pathogens and other contaminants. It’s also important that the testing determines potency based on the amount of active alkaloids present. Contaminated kratom can result in illnesses like Staph and Salmonella infections. Low potency can mean ineffectiveness, and overly potent kratom can cause negative effects.

A person holding a flask in a lab testing facility.
Are Their Products Lab Tested? (Image Source: Pexels)

Where Can I Find the Best Kratom Online?

Although you can buy kratom on craigslist and eBay, you’ll unlikely be able to know the source. Therefore, it’s best to stick with online kratom companies that will provide this highly important information.

Here are some of the top sites that sell kratom.

Kratom Collection Shop

Established in the mid-2000s, Kratom Collection is well-established compared to competitors. All of their kratom powder undergoes a certified sterilization process, as well as a full pathogen analysis. They also offer one of the widest selections of kratom strains available online.

All-Natural Artisan

If you’re interested in other botanical products besides kratom, All Natural Artisan is a great place to start. They offer a full line of herbal extracts, soaps, teas, healing tools and popular Kava varieties. They also offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Grown Selection

Grown Selection is a relatively new kratom company. Their kratom is high quality, sterilized and periodically tested for impurities like heavy metals. Service is fast and reliable, and they accept Bitcoin, ACH deposits, and credit cards.

Grown Selection


Phytoextractum has been around for more than a decade and also sells much more than kratom. Their kratom is consistently good, and they offer free shipping, even on small orders. This company also offers numerous payment options.

Kraken Kratom

If you’re looking for a slick website experience, Kraken Kratom will deliver. Fortunately, the quality of their kratom backs up their online image. They also offer excellent discounts and free shipping on all orders.

Legal Herbal Shop

Legal Herbal Shop is a unique vendor that offers anything from medicinal mushrooms, to herbal cigarettes, to “legal bud”. This company’s mission is to provide rare herbal alternatives to treat numerous common ailments. They also offer free shipping on all orders.

Is Kratom Sold in Gas Stations?

Yes, you can buy kratom in gas stations. This can be dangerous because the products take on a “gimmicky” nature. Customers often impulse buy in convenience stores, and pre-packaged kratom products are typically right by the register. No questions, no answers, potentially big problem. Meaning, customers blindly put themselves at risk of buying unsafe, contaminated products.

An image of a gas station pump from inside the gas station store.
Is Kratom Sold in Gas Stations? (Image Source: Pexels)

Do Vitamin Shops Sell Kratom?

Some vitamin shops do sell kratom. These vendors often specialize in herbal supplements and aromatherapy. The best vitamin shops will only stock purely natural herbs. However, you still want to ensure that the kratom is ethically sourced and lab-tested. It’s much safer to buy from a vitamin shop than a gas station. Although, you still need to do your research and ask important questions before buying kratom there.

Prescriptions sign on a store front.
Do Vitamin Shops Sell Kratom? (Image Source: Pexels)

Does Walmart Sell Kratom Pills?

Many new users want to know, “Does Walmart sell kratom pills?”. The answer is no, Walmart does not sell kratom in any form. This is likely due to the following reasons:

●     Many credit card companies won’t process payments for items considered “high risk”. This is why many online vendors don’t take credit card payments.

Walmart store front
Does Walmart Sell Kratom Pills? (Image Source: Wikimedia)

●     The FDA has been known to seize kratom shipments to big box businesses. Walmart steers clear of this by avoiding the possibility altogether.●     Even when big businesses do nothing wrong regarding kratom, lawsuits still happen. Again, Walmart simply avoids this risk by not selling kratom at all.

How Much Kratom Should You Take for Euphoria?

Although the dosage of kratom for euphoria is the predominant factor affecting results, different types of kratom will produce different types of euphoria. White kratom is good for a pure, clean rush of upbeat energy and happiness. Red kratom is best for a sedated euphoria, and green kratom provides elements of both.

Happy and excited looking man wearing a red shirt.
What Is Euphoria? (Image Source: Pexels)

In terms of dosing for euphoria, there are general guidelines. Although, every mind and body is different. This means each person’s experience will be unique. The general rule is that the lower the dose, the more stimulating, and the higher the dose, the more sedating. In general, 5 to 10 grams of kratom will provide some form of euphoria, depending on the strain. For highly experienced users, 15 grams will provide an opiate-like euphoria. However, this is not recommended for new users.

“Where Can I Buy Kratom?” in a Nutshell

Forget about wondering, “Is kratom sold in gas stations?” or “Do vitamin shops sell kratom?”. Your best bet is to buy from a reputable website that can provide you with superior kratom products. It’s important to find vendors who can give you safe recommendations, even when you’re wondering “How much kratom should you take for euphoria?”