How to Relax and Improve Sleep Quality With Kratom

More and more people in today’s world find themselves struggling with sleep. Specifically, they report that they lack the ability to get the proper amount of rest each night. This would not be such a serious issue if the problem was only periodic. However, the truth is that many people are battling sleep issues on a daily basis. Over the course of several days and even weeks, this can lead to a significant host of physical, emotional, and even mental issues. For these reasons, people struggle to find ways to improve sleep quality that are safe and effective. Read below to find out. As always, read our disclaimer first.

Nearly all of our bodies’ regenerative and restorative processes take place at night while we sleep. This includes such functions as replenishing our energy levels, adjusting and balancing our hormone levels, mending physical issues and injuries, as well as healing sickness and infection. As an adult, if you don’t get 7-8 hours of daily sleep, then all of these cycles are interrupted before their completion. This interruption leads to a myriad of problems the longer it persists. But what can be done about it?

How Kratom Can Help in the Modern-Day Sleep Deprivation Epidemic

As previously stated, the number of adults suffering from some level of lack of sleep is staggering. Much of the US population is functioning with anywhere from a mild to chronic case of sleep deprivation every day. This is not only unhealthy; it is also dangerous. But what many of them do not realize is the fact that there may be a simple and natural way to effectively combat these issues; a supplement known as Kratom.

This is a plant-based product comes from the leaves of certain trees found in Southeast Asia. People have used it in a number of different alternative medicine practices for over a hundred years. Among these practices is it’s use in improving sleep function. Just keep in mind, the FDA has not approved kratom. In fact, clinicians have yet to test kratom in a clinical setting.

A woman in bed having trouble sleeping.
Many People Suffer From Sleep Deprivation (Image Source: Pexels)

Other uses include pain management, mood enhancement, stress management, and even as a diarrhea remedy. However, for the purposes of this article we are most interested in its ability to assist those who are struggling with specific sleep conditions or disorders.

Why People Struggle with Sleep Issues

It is helpful to understand how kratom (specifically red-leafed strains) might be able to help people to get more sleep. Those who are suffering from various nighttime rest issues, it is important to first understand the various reasons why they may be struggling with sleep in the first place. Here are a few of the most common causes of restlessness and lack of sleep:

Stress and Anxiety

While this is certainly not the only reason that people have a hard time falling asleep, it may be the most frequently cited. With ever-increasing job and career workloads, escalating political and social turmoil, the rise in online bullying and harassment not only for both adults and their children, as well all of the other stress-inducing issues happening on a global scale, it’s a wonder that anyone can get any sleep at all.

Kratom can also provide a benefit for those who are looking for how to increase appetite, as that is another secondary effect of stress and anxiety.

Physical Pain or Discomfort

Not far behind stress and anxiety is physical pain. People who struggle with any type of continual or chronic pain generally tend to have a number of sleep issues. This includes not only falling asleep in the first place, but also staying asleep after they have finally gone under.

A woman experiencing discomfort in the neck, showing pain.
Physical Pain And Discomfort (Image Source: Pixabay)

Of these kinds of problems, neck, back, and shoulder pain, along with severe and even migraine headaches are among the biggest concerns. Kratom has shown tremendous promise in dealing with these types of issues as it provided in many users a reduction in pain, as well as offering some of the best antioxidants available to help battle all types of issues that arise from the damaging effects of dangerous free radicals in our systems.

Poor Sleep Habits/Nighttime Routines

Something else that we are learning more about as the science of sleep continues to get more attention is the effect that our evening wind-down routines have on our ability to fall and stay asleep. Kratom may be able to help in these areas as many users report that they can bring about increased relaxation and reduce the effects of external stimuli.

Habits such as drinking coffee or energy drinks too late in the afternoon, late night snacks too close to bed, and exercising later in the evening all have an adverse effect on our body’s ability to shut down at night. Additionally, one of the more recent bad habits people have developed is too much exposure to blue light (the light emitting from electronic devices such as phones and computer screens). This also hinders the bodies’ processes associated with falling asleep.

Clinical Sleep Disorders

And of course, perhaps the oldest and most notorious culprits of stealing sleep are conditions such as insomnia and sleep anxiety. As with other nocturnal-related issues, kratom has been reported by many users to help reduce the anxiety associated with a continual lack of sleep, as well as to provide not only physical relaxation, but mental relaxation as well.

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Improve Sleep Quality and Other Functions With Kratom

Kratom (again, best suited in red strain form) can have such an incredible impact on the bodies’ ability to properly start and complete its daily rest cycles. This is because in the proper dosages, it acts as a highly effective sedative. Many users report successful results in the range of 2-3 grams per serving. This will help to establish their tolerance levels and gauge how much they need individually.

Closeup of a woman sleeping.
Kratom For Improved Sleep Quality (Image Source: Pexels)

Kratom Dosage to Improve Sleep Quality

Some users find after a little while that a dose of 4-5 grams is beneficial. More experienced users report that they prefer a higher amount of up to 6-7 grams per serving. It is not recommended to go beyond that due to the fact that if you are in need of such a large amount, chances are that you have developed too high of a tolerance and may even be on the road to dependency.

In most studies, the best method for properly using this type of supplement is to take it for 2-3 days and then cycle off of it for 1-2 days as a means of keeping moderate tolerance levels and avoiding any type of dependency. Your body will naturally adjust to this routine. Over time, this could improve your sleep quality. And of course, it is always highly recommended that you consult a physician before making major changes in your life. Then, begin with the type of supplementation or self-treatment program that you expect will improve your sleep quality.